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South Austin Metals can help design, supply material, cut to specified lengths, fabricate if needed, install your project if required, and deliver to your job site, making us your turn-key solution for metal supply in Austin, TX.

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Austin, Texas premier metal fabricators, welders, and suppliers since 1987.

South Austin Metals has spent 35 years winning over our customers with metal services and products that are a cut above the rest. We have unmatched experience when it comes to creating custom steel fabrication projects that exceed expectations.

Proudly Serving Austin, Texas

Metal & Steel Services

South Austin Metals can help design, supply material, cut to specified lengths, fabricate if needed, install your project if required, and deliver to your job site, making us your turn-key solution for Austin, TX.

Steel Supply

We conveniently stock finials, caps, handrail brackets, scrolls, hinges, guide rollers and gate operators – anything steel.

Steel Fabrication

Our talented steel fabrication team can create most anything you can dream up, making it easy and simple for you.

Metal Supply

South Austin Metals is a unique metal supply provider. We deliver steel anywhere in the Austin, Texas area directly.

Metal Fabrication

Our metal fabrication team can customize all types of mild steel, aluminum, corten, and expanded metal with custom cuts.


South Austin Metals is a unique steel supply provider because we will deliver any metal or steel order directly to your home or business.

Come Visit Our Shop

We are your one-stop shop for steel building materials and expert metal fabrication. We provide an incredibly easy, fast, and affordable sales experience. Our welding team has decades of experience with in-house custom metal fabrication and delivering projects directly to customers. 

Why Choose Us?

You should choose us because we do everything we can to make your life easier, with delivery straight to your location, on-site loading, and sales staff who know exactly what you’re talking about.
I have been using SAM for years now. The owner, Brian Keyes, has always taken time to help me out and work with me on projects.
Jim Barrilleaux
Great company with a great crew! We enjoy buying steel from them. Reliable and a good price.
Logan Whatley
a year ago Brian and the gang helps out every time. In and out less than 10 minutes. Awesome.
Chris Crawford
Out of 5
South Austin Metals is our goto spot for anything steel. High quality bare or galvanized pieces and friendly workers!
Brian and staff make it easy to plan your project. I did a prefab metal retaining wall, Brian helped me spec the project and then delivered it!
Greg Hammond
Great locally owned business. Competitive prices on all types of metal, welding and fabrication services!
Mario Garcia

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Our Address

436 Industrial Blvd Austin, TX 78745


Mon- Fri: 8am-4:30pm
Sat: 9am-2pm
Sun: Closed

Steel Sales

(512) 448-9067

Steel Fabrication

(512) 709-5429

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