Custom Cuts

South Austin Metals offers not only a wide variety of metals, but with custom cuts, your options become limitless. A one-stop shop for all of your metal needs. 

Saw Cutting

Single cuts or bulk, our saw cutting service will help save you time and money. Saw cutting allows us to cut your metal at any length with the option of adding miter cuts on the ends. Saw Cut Tolerance = +/- 1/16’’ or +/- ⅛’’

Flame Cutting

Perfect for ¼’’ up to 12’’ thick steel cutting. Any shape, size, or dimension. Some distortion may occur with some thicknesses of plates. Flame Cutting Tolerance = +/- ⅛’’ to +/- ¼’’

Shear Cutting

Shear cutting is a practical service perfect for cutting sheets or plates to a specific size. Using straight lines, shear cutting offers a professional cut look and precision. Shear cut tolerance = +/- 1/16’’

Laser Cutting

Near perfect edge quality. Perfect for 24 gauge upwards of ½ inch thick metals. Steel, aluminum, and stainless steel can all be cut in almost any size or shape with minimal heat markings or distortion. Laster cutting tolerance = +/- 1/32’’

Plasma Cutting

High-def plasma cutting is an economical choice when cutting steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Anywhere from 18 gauge up to ½ inch, thick metals can be cut to almost any size or shape. Precision detail and minimal distortion. Plasma cutting tolerance = +/- 1/16’’ or +/- ⅛’’.

Plate Saw Cutting

Plate saw cutting provides a near-finished squared-off edge. Perfect for aluminum plate that is between ¼ and 12 inches thick. Plate saw cutting tolerance = +/- .005’’

Why Choose South Austin Custom Cuts?

Our team of expertly trained professionals provides fast and affordable sales experience and can help you easily find the exact Custom Cut you need for your project. Our welding team offers decades of experience with metal fabrication and flawless delivery of projects.

Start Your Next Project With Expanded Metal From South Austin Metals

South Austin Metals is your trusted supplier for local expanded metal. We offer construction companies high-quality, affordable materials and fabrication.

Get your custom cut metal from South Austin Metals today!

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