I Beam Supplies in Texas

I-beams are perfect for structural support and are most commonly used for buildings. Its distinctive “I” shape offers a longer vertical piece, referred to as the web, compared to the flanges. Construction I-beams are often made from steel, aluminum, or other steel that is low alloy.

Steel I-Beams excel at carrying large amounts of weight without bending or twisting, even at longer distances. That is what makes them perfect for structural support in buildings and bridges. Even with excessive pressure, a steel I-Beam will not lose structural integrity or buckle. 

These steel beams come in many different thicknesses that will be more suited for specific jobs. Some construction factors to consider are how much weight will be carried and the amount of tension that the beam will need to withstand. 

Smaller steel I-Beams are best for jobs where there will be minimal pressure. Larger and thicker steel I-Beams are perfect for supporting structures or any project that will have more significant amounts of weight. They also don’t require any extra steel allowing them to be cost-effective.

I-Beams From South Austin Metals

South Austin Metals offers a large variety of steel I-Beams, both standard, and custom. These universal steel beams can find their place in almost any construction project. South Austin Metals has been serving the Austin area for years and is a one-stop-shop for all of your steel I-Beam needs. 

Why Choose South Austin Metals?

Our team of expertly trained professionals provides fast and affordable sales experience and can help you easily find the exact I-beam you need for your project. Our welding team offers decades of experience with metal fabrication and flawless delivery of projects.

South Austin Metals has everything you need for your next project and can deliver steel I-Beams directly to your job site. We also offer design support. South Austin Metals is here to help you build your dreams.

Start Your Next Project With Expanded Metal From South Austin Metals

South Austin Metals is your trusted supplier for local expanded metal. We offer construction companies high-quality, affordable materials and fabrication.

Get your custom cut expanded metal from South Austin Metals today!

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