Expanded Metal Supplies in Texas

Texas construction companies trust South Austin Metals to supply them with the best expanded metal at the best prices.

Expanded Metal From South Austin Metals

Expanded metal is a single-piece composition that results in an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio. Unlike welded and woven wires, there aren’t any points that the material can separate. Expanded metal can be made from steel, aluminum, and other metals, and it can have various coatings like paint, print, and powder.

Expanded metal is also a green product, and it can earn you LEED credits.

Expanded Metal Applications

There are four main applications for expanded metals


Expanded metals get used for skylight screens to meet OSHA rooftop safety requirements. Not only does expanded metal meet those regulations, but it has inherent anti-slip properties to protect construction workers when used as scaffolding, stairs, and walkways.


Expanded metal is also a powerful material to use to enclose a job site to deter vandalism and theft. It’s difficult to cut, and oftentimes construction companies leave random shears on the top to prevent climbing. If someone were to cut an expanded metal fence, they’d have to go strand by strand.


Expanded metal is excellent for masonry, tiles, stone veneers, and ceilings. It commonly gets used as a reinforcement to support areas that are prone to cracking, like around doors and windows and where corners meet the ceiling or other walls.


Expanded metals are exceptionally strong and commonly get used to filter lubricants like grease or oil for heavy machinery. It’s also the go-to for metal backings in pleated filters used for HVAC systems to deliver consistent performance.

Start Your Next Project With Expanded Metal From South Austin Metals

South Austin Metals is your trusted supplier for local expanded metal. We offer construction companies high-quality, affordable materials and fabrication.

Get your custom cut expanded metal from South Austin Metals today!

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