Pipe Supplies in Texas

Pipes are hollow, cylindrical shapes that have a wide variety of construction uses—commonly used to transport fluids or gases. Pips used in construction also come in a variety of different materials and wall thicknesses. 

Pipes are measured by their nominal inside diameter and wall thickness. The wall thickness is based on a schedule number, and the higher that number is, the thicker the wall of the pipe. The most commonly used pipes are Schedule 40 and 80.

Our Different Pipes

Pipes can also be made up of a variety of different materials. Each material has its many uses in the construction world. 

  • Aluminum- these lightweight pipes are commonly used and are corrosion resistant.  
  • Galvanized
  • Polished Stainless
  • Stainless Steel – is a durable metal pipe perfect for projects where it will be exposed to chemicals and other elements. 
  • Steel Pipe – Used for truck racks, roll cages, railings, and more. 

You might also notice some places carry seamless pipes or those with threaded ends. Pipes starting at ⅛th of an inch in thickness and go up from there. 

Pipes From South Austin Metals

South Austin Metals offers a large variety of pipes. These universal construction materials can find their place in almost any project. South Austin Metals has been serving the Austin area for years and is a one-stop shop for all of your pipe needs. 

Our team of expertly trained professionals provides fast and affordable sales experience and can help you quickly find the exact pipe you need for your project. Our welding team offers decades of experience with metal fabrication and flawless delivery of projects.

South Austin Metals has everything you need for your next project and can deliver the pipes you need directly to your job site. We also offer design support. South Austin Metals is here to help you build your dreams.

Start Your Next Project With Pipe Supplies From South Austin Metals

South Austin Metals is your trusted supplier for local expanded metal. We offer construction companies high-quality, affordable materials and fabrication.

Get your Pipe Supplies from South Austin Metals today!

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